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First steps

So, I have done it.  Completed my first run in minimalist foot gear.  After reading all of the horror stories and dire warnings I have taken it slow and eased into this.  I plan on keeping it slow as well.  Today I ran around my block wearing water shoes/aqua socks whatever you call them.  These are the same ones I’ve been walking around in for the past week or so.  It was an interesting experience.

First off, I know I look strange wearing them running, or even walking around for that matter.  So be it.  It is very interesting how your gait changes when running nearly barefoot.  Strides are shorter and quicker.  This threw my breathing all out of whack as I’m used to timing my breathing with the rhythm of my foot strikes.  On a run as short as I did today breathing isn’t too much of an issue, I just felt out of synch.  I can report that I have no pain and not even any discomfort from this run.  I did notice my feet feeling tired as I was getting close to finishing.

Next is to keep adding a little bit of distance every couple of days in between my regular shoe runs.  I’m having fun with this little experiment so far.


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