Misc. Running stuff

It’s been an interesting week or two.  I got married last Sunday to a lady I have been seeing for several years. I replaced my cell phone, and I signed up for my first marathon.  This has led to a slightly confused couple of weeks running.

Moving her stuff into my place was a lot of work, her apartment was on the second floor as is mine.  So I think I got my stair master badge this week.  I love having her with me all the time and our schedules work well together.  She does not do mornings, so, I can get up early and put in an hour or more of running before she is up and moving.

I had a plan.  It was to replace my old barely usable Moto Backflip with a brand new, dual core, Atrix.  Then, to strip every app off of the Backflip and use it to track my runs and play my music.  This has not worked out.  The GPS on that phone is practically worthless without the aGPS provided by cell towers.  Also, I can’t do “live” uploads of my runs.  The “live” feature is something I really like just from a safety standpoint.  So, with that plan not working out I’ve run this week with just my MP3 player on courses I pretty well know the distance of.  Friday I get my new armband, because of course my new phone won’t fit the old one, and I’ll be back in business tracking and logging my runs.

This is all the more important due to my other change this week, signing up to run the Spinx Runfest Marathon.  I decided to skip doing a half-marathon, just doesn’t seem right to do half of something.  Also, I know I can run 13 miles.  Maybe not very fast, but I have run 19 miles before, so I would rather push myself to do 26.2.  Thinking of trying to use my run to help support a friends non-profit, Preventing Teen Tragedy.  Not sure if that will work out, but I’ll keep you posted.


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