Another good day running

Perfect running weather this morning, 53 degrees, sunny, and calm winds. Just over 4 miles today, despite what my GPS said I did not suddenly clime a 300 foot hill and descend from it without breaking my pace :).  Sunday is my rest day but this week I also took Monday and Tuesday off.  Monday I moved about a ton of dirt for a friend from the Veteran’s Center.  That was a darn good workout, 4 hours or so of shoveling dirt.  So, Tuesday morning I was pretty sore and stiff, figured an extra day off wouldn’t kill me and most likely would do me good.  Still a bit sore this morning but not too bad.  Legs felt like lead starting out and by the end my sore back and hips from shoveling were letting me know they were about done.

All in all a good run and a good start to the day.


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