The minimalists may have something…

I have been either going barefoot or wearing water shoes for almost a week now.  This included a trip to the airport with all the walking that entails.  It has taken a few days to get the hang of walking with next to nothing on my feet, and it has been a workout for my feet and lower legs.  Sore feet and tight calves most every night.  I have yet to try running in these, as I said before, trying to take things slow this time and work my way up.  I figure I might try running down my block tomorrow (maybe 75 yards) or around the block at most.

In the mean time, I can report that my run today was pain free and just a little left calf soreness.  The run felt good and the weather is just amazing (as long as you don’t have alergies).  Warms temps, light breeze and beautiful blue skies here in South Carolina.  Other than the light coating of yellow pollen on everything, there’s not much more one could ask for in running weather.  I know this will end soon enough with summer so I’m going to try to take advantage of it.  Then in a couple of weeks I’ll be spending 2.5 weeks in Southern California, looking forward to the change of scenery.


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